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The "Aqiq Saffron Company," established in March 2018, is actively involved in saffron production and export in Afghanistan. The company was founded with the primary objective of advancing saffron cultivation and ensuring high-quality production within the region. Committed to delivering superior products to international markets, the company collaborates directly with local farmers to facilitate their entry into the global market, fostering economic opportunities and creating jobs in rural areas.

By leveraging innovative technologies and implementing modern cultivation and harvesting techniques, the Aqiq Saffron Company is dedicated to producing premium-quality saffron in Afghanistan. In addition to conducting thorough testing in various laboratories, including those in the United States and Germany, the company has obtained approval from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), affirming its saffron as a safe and top-quality product.

The company actively engages with local farmers, providing necessary training and support, aiming to uplift the agricultural community and contribute to local economic development. This collaborative effort not only ensures the production of high-quality saffron but also creates sustainable employment opportunities for both farmers and local employees.

Furthermore, the Aqiq Saffron Company takes pride in having the best saffron according to ISO 3632.2, surpassing the quality standards of ISO category #1. This distinction underscores the company’s commitment to delivering saffron of exceptional quality and maintaining a leadership position in the global saffron market.

The company’s dedication to excellence is reflected in its use of cutting-edge technologies and modern cultivation methods, ensuring the production of saffron that meets the highest standards. Rigorous testing in laboratories across the globe, including the United States and Germany, validates the quality and safety of the Aqiq Saffron Company’s products.

In addition to its commitment to international markets, the company takes pride in its local impact. By actively engaging with farmers, providing training, and fostering cooperative relationships, the Aqiq Saffron Company not only elevates the quality of saffron production but also contributes to the overall development of rural areas.

This initiative is not only about saffron; it’s about improving the socio-economic landscape of Afghanistan and showcasing the country’s potential for producing exquisite goods. The Aqiq Saffron Company is playing a pivotal role in making Afghanistan synonymous with not only saffron excellence but also as a source of beautiful, high-quality products. Through these efforts, the company is leaving a lasting impact on the lives of farmers and contributing to the global recognition of Afghanistan’s rich agricultural heritage

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AQIQ SAFFRON COMPANY © 2024. All rights reserved. Designed by TIYAN
AQIQ SAFFRON COMPANY © 2024. All rights reserved. Designed by TIYAN